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Why We're the Best Choice

  • has a very low credit card processing rate of 5.00%.
  • We have 7 day toll free customer support.
  • Our websites and payment processing are seamless.
  • We have a 10 year track record and multiple certifications.

We Make Giving Simple

Highlight your Wedding Donations Page with a compelling description of your goals and a persuasive appeal for contributions. Enhance this page with features like a dynamic graphic thermometer and suggested donation increment levels.

Secure Donation Page Simple to Use for
You and Your Guests

Safe & Secure Transactions

All donation transactions through your Wedding Website are tightly secured and donors do not have to register for any external accounts. Personal information is encrypted using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption technology and follows the strictest industry standards to ensure the safety of our clients' data.

Track Donations in Real-Time

You can monitor all incoming fundraising revenue and each of your payout transaction requests in real-time through your handy Control Panel. This data can then be effortlessly downloaded into Excel at your convenience.

Donors Remain on Your Site

Donors remain on your Wedding Website throughout the entire donation process. They do not need to become a member of the site nor do they have to sign-up for newsletters or other marketing-related information.

Donors Can Post Their Regards

Donors will have the option of including a greeting to be displayed on your Donations Page. You will be notified in your Control Panel of these message requests and you can choose to post those that you wish to display.

Message Boards & Blogs are other exciting communications tools that will help foster a community atmosphere.

Password Protection

Your Wedding Website Donation Set-Up Page can easily be Password Protected through your Control Panel. This is helpful when others have access to your Control Panel and you wish to maintain control over this secure information.

Choose How You Get Paid

We pay you immediately upon request by direct deposit, check or wire transfer. You will choose the frequency and desired method of payments. Funds are issued in either US or Canadian dollars.

Direct Deposit/ACH Transfer

Takes 5 to 7 business days from the time of your request and funds are deposited to the bank account of your choice. A $2.50 service charge is applied to each direct deposit (ACH transfer).


Delivery takes up to 10 business days from the time of your request. A $2.50 service charge is applied to each check.

Wire Transfer

Takes 2 business days to wire transfer funds at a cost of $30 per transaction.

Affordable Fees charges a 5.00% credit card processing fee and a $0.75 transaction fee.

These charges cover:

  • Credit card company processing and transaction fees.
  • Exceptional Customer Support for you and your donors.
  • Secure maintenance, back up and redundancy of your reports.

Donation Fee Example
Donation Amount $100
Minus Processing Fee Charge $ (5.00% of $100)
Minus Transaction Fee $0.75
Net Donation Amount $94.25

Raise more with "Fees Paid By Donor"

With this feature, you offer donors the choice to pay the credit card processing and transaction fees for you. For example on a $100 donation if the donor elects to pay the fees you will receive the whole donation ($100) because the donor paid the fees on top of the donation.

Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that if you are accepting donations there is a 2 week hold on donations before payouts. You can only accept payment if your event is located in USA or Canada. Click here to see our full terms and conditions.

8 Reasons to Raise Funds Through Your Wedding Website

Use Your Wedding Website to Raise Funds for a Good Cause

What better way to celebrate your wedding than to raise funds for your favorite charity? Rally friends and family around your cause, citing your relationship with the chosen organization and providing compelling photos and links.

Pay it Forward

Use your wedding to shine a light on the importance of developing strong ties to the community and to highlight the importance of giving back when you are celebrating a time of good fortune. Become a leader in your community and galvanize your friends to follow your example.

Ask for Donations Instead of Gifts

Many couples today live together before they are married and so don't need many of the household items that were traditionally given at a wedding. Instead of linking to a registry or having guests buy gifts, use your website to solicit donations for your wedding reception, honeymoon, or for your favorite charity.

Donate to Your Favorite Charity Instead of Giving Wedding Favors

Inform your wedding guests ahead of time (on your website) that you will be donating to your favorite charity on their behalf instead of buying wedding favors. Activate your Donations Page in case any guests would like to add an additional contribution.

Reach Your Goal Faster

Most people find it easier to donate online, where they can read information about your cause and then quickly pay with a credit card. This is much easier than writing a check, buying stamps and then mailing it in.

Collect Donations More Easily

You can choose to receive payments (payouts) from whenever you want. You can select your own payout threshold and we will pay you each time you reach this amount. You will never have to chase donors for payment from checks or credit payments that didn't go through.

Promote Your Cause Online

When you promote your event or cause online using social media such as Twitter, Facebook or the online edition of your local newspaper, include a link to your website. In your message, mention that people can safely and easily donate online via your website.

Enjoy Toll Free Help offers Live Toll Free Customer Support, 7 Days a Week. If -for any reason- any of your donors are having trouble completing their transaction, we'll be there to help.