Accept Donations Online

Raise Money Online For Your Wedding

Raise Money Online For Your Wedding

Collect donations on your wedding website for any cause. Common reasons include raising money to pay for the wedding, honeymoon or raising money for your favorite charity. No PayPal or other merchant account is required. MyEvent takes care of all your online donations for you!

Fundraising Features For Your Wedding

  • Donation Thermometer to track your goal
  • Real time online fundraising reports
  • Comments from people who have donated
  • Social media sharing of your web page
Fundraising Features For Your Wedding

Promote Your Wedding Online

Share Your Wedding

You will be able to share your fundraiser wedding through social media using tools built right into your wedding web page

Track Donations Online in Real Time

Monitor online donation transactions in real time and download reports in Excel.

Track online donation transactions

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Choose How You Get Paid

You can be paid out for all the donations collected online by direct deposit, check or wire transfer.

Toll Free Help

MyEvent offers toll-free and online Customer Support 7 Days a Week. We are the Wedding experts and have been used for more than 100,000 events, since 2002.

Event Experts

MyEvent Fees

Payment Service Fee for Accepting Donations: 2.90 %
Credit Card Processing Fees for Accepting Donations: 3.00 %
Transaction Fee: $ 0.75
Fees are deducted from online donations received, so you don't have to pay a dime from your pocket.

These charges cover:

  • Credit card processing and transaction fees.
  • Exceptional Customer Support for you and your donors.
  • Free web page hosting on the basic package


Donation amount $ 100
2.90 % Service fee $ 2.90
3.00 % Credit card processing fee $ 3.00
Transaction Fee $ 0.75
Net donation amount $ 93.35

Raise more with "Fees Paid By Donor"

With this feature, you offer donors the choice to pay the credit card processing and transaction fees for you. For example on a $100 donation if the donor elects to pay the fees you will receive the whole donation ($100) because the donor paid the fees on top of the donation.

Payout Fees

Direct Deposit/ACH Transfer
Takes 5 to 7 business days from the time of your request and funds are deposited to the bank account of your choice. A $2.50 service charge is applied to each direct deposit (ACH transfer).
Delivery takes up to 10 business days from the time of your request. A $3.50 service charge is applied to each check.
All transactions are held for 2 weeks before they are available to be paid out.
Payouts can only be done to accounts in USA and Canada.

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